Resolution 2010-3

Resolution 2010-3 of the Real Estate Council of Alberta

At its meeting on May 5, 2010 Council passed a resolution to amend the Real Estate Act Rules as follows:
Section 1(1)(n.1) – insert “assist the buyer and the seller in negotiating a mutually acceptable agreement” as (i) and renumber the remaining subsections

Section 66 – delete (c) (iii)

Section 83 – delete “and the original cheque is available on request”

Section 86 – add “or customer” after “client”

Section 87 – add “or customer’s” after “client’s”

Section 96 – should read “subject to section 97”

Section 97 (c) – replace “general account” with “brokerage account”

Section 109 – replace “real estate management agreement” with “mortgage brokerage service agreement”.

Dated at Calgary this 5 day of May 2010


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