Resolution 2007-4

Resolution 2007-4 of the Real Estate Council of Alberta


Section 12 of the Real Estate Act, confirms the Real Estate Council of Alberta (the “Council”) has the authority to make rules prescribing or adopting standards of conduct and business standards for industry members;
Council passed a motion on May 23, 2007 approving the specialty licensing recommendations with respect to property managers:

1. That Council implements education and licensing policies that would facilitate the licensing and registration of industry members to conduct property management activities without successfully completing the entire Real Estate Associates Program.

2. That an individual must successfully complete the Introduction to a Career in Real Estate course, Phase 2 of the Real Estate Associates Program and Part 9 of Phase 3 (property management module) of the Real Estate Associates Program.

3. That this concept be facilitated through amendments to an individual’s authorization certificate to indicate that the individual is authorized to trade in real estate conducting property management activities on behalf of the brokerage.

4. That section 51 of the Rules be amended to read “51(1) A real estate broker must: (b.1) trade in real estate only in the specialty area of practice that appears on the individual’s licence.”

5. That the current Property Management 1000 course be the education requirements of Part 9 of Phase 3 of REAP until such time that other arrangements are made.

6. That these recommendations take effect as soon as practicable.

Dated at Calgary this 23 day of May 2008.

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