Council Resolutions

Council Resolutions were formal decisions made by Council, as it existed from 1996 to 2019, to amend the Real Estate Act Rules or Bylaws.

As of December 1, 2020, RECA is governed by a Board of Directors and four Industry Councils. The Board of Directors now has the power to amend Bylaws, and Industry Councils have the power to amend the sections of the Real Estate Act Rules that pertain to their industry sector.

Changes to the Real Estate Act or the Real Estate Act Regulations must be made by the Government of Alberta.

2018-1Oct 17/18Rule 50(c)(iii), 71(1)(b), 73(4), 74(1)(a)Amending the Real Estate Act Rules to replace all references to the “Fair Trading Act” with the “Consumer Protection Act”
2016-1Jan 20/16Rule 114(3)Real Estate Insurance Exchange, advisory board
2015-3>Aug 26/15Rule 114(2)Real Estate Insurance Exchange Agreement
2015-2July 15/15Rule 115(3)Real Estate Insurance Exchange Agreement
2015-1Apr. 15/15 Amended Jul.15/15Rules 1(1)(g.01)(bb.1)(bb.2)Real Estate Practice Area Definitions
2013-3Oct. 23/13Rules 91(2)Brokerage Accounting
2013-2Oct. 23/13Rules 43(1)(1.1)Written Service Agreements
2013-1Oct. 23/13Rules 60.1(1)(2), Schedule 1Customer Status
2012-8Oct. 17/12Bylaws 28Recovery of Costs
2012-5Jul 3/12Bylaws 36(1)Hearing Panel Roster
2012-4Apr 4/12Bylaws 5(3)Officers of Council
2012-3Jul 3/12Rules 16.1(1), 34(1)(f)(g), 34(i), 38.1(3b)(c)(f), 39(1)(d), 41(k), schedule 3Education Code of Conduct
2012-2Apr 4/12Approval of Statement on Self-Regulation
2011-5Oct 19/11Rules 14(1),16(1), 23Education Requirements
2011-4July 5/11Rules 1(1)(b), 32(g), 34(1)(h)Housekeeping
2011-3May 4/11Rules, Part 4Errors and Omissions Insurance - requirements for appraisers
2011-2May 4/11Rules, Part 4Errors and Omissions Insurance - requirements for real estate brokers and mortgage brokers
2011-1Jan 26/11Bylaws 5(2)Chair and Chair-Elect elections
2010-10Nov 3/10Bylaws 5(8)Past Chair designation
2010-9Nov 3/10Rules Schedule 2Fees
2010-8Nov 3/10Rules 40(4), 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 110, 38.1Appraiser Standards
2010-7Nov 3/10Rules 14, 34, 39, 38.1Licensing issues
2010-6July 7/10Bylaws 5,7, schedule 1Changing "Vice-Chair" to "Chair-Elect"
2010-5July 7/10Rule 18(1.1)Appraiser licensing examination
2010-4July 7/10Bylaws 31(1)Administrative Penalty appeal to Hearing Panel
2010-3May 5/10Rules 1(1)(n.1), 66, 83, 86, 87, 96, 97(c), 109Housekeeping
2010-2May 5/10Bylaws 36(1)Hearing Panel Rosters
2010-1Jan 27/10Rules 95(a)Trust accounts
2009-4May 6/09Education Course Pricing Policy
2009-3May 6/09Rule 18Candidate-Appraiser Education Requirements
2009-2Feb 4/09Bylaws 30(2), 31(1), 32(1)Administrative Penalties
2009-1Feb 4/09Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) and Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA)
2008-3Aug 6/08Rule 23(1)(2)Re-Licensing Education Requirements
2008-2May 7/08Rule 1(1)(n.1) and 59Changes to facilitate the implementation of designated agency and transaction brokerage in Alberta
2008-1Feb 13/08Rule 1(1)(i.1)Delete “with respect to the same trade”
2007-6May 23/07Rule 58.1Educational requirements for industry members and exemptions granted by Executive Director in extenuating circumstances
2007-5May 23/07Rule 43Appraisal Service Agreement
2007-4May 23/07Rule 16, Rule 51Specialty licensing for Property Managers
2007-3May 23/07Rule 59.1Designated Agency and Transaction Brokerage
2007-2Mar 22/07Rule 60.1Forms and Agency Relationships Guide
2007-1Jan 24/07Bylaw 32Administrative penalties
2006-8Dec 20/06Rule 43Written service agreements
2006-7Dec 20/06Rule 23Professional development requirements
2006-6Nov 8/06Bylaw 32Administrative penalties
2006-5Nov 8/06Bylaws 11, 12Changes to Council Rules of Procedure
2004-1May 29/04Act s. 84(1)Changes to Bylaws 5, 6, 7
2003-2Mar 19/03Rule 5Policy: Education for Real Estate Broker
2003-1Mar 19/03Rule 5Policy: Education for Real Estate Agent
2002-6Nov 6/02Rule 5Policy: Mortgage Agent Licensing Course Requirement
2002-4Nov 6/02Rule 5Policy: Mortgage Agent Examination
2002-3Sept 18/01Rule 57(6)Changes to the AREIX insurance policy
2000-3Feb 9/00Rule 15(3)(f)Remove reference to "pardons"
2000-2Feb 9/00PolicyExecutive Director has authority to make non substantive changes to Resolutions
2000-1Feb 9/00Rule 5(3)Change "examinations" to "educational requirements"
1999-4Dec 8/99Bylaws 33, 34, 35Administrative Penalties
1998-8Oct 21/98Rule 46Payment of commissions to cooperating agents shall now be from trust account
1998-7Sept 16/98Rule 46Commissions shall now be deposited and paid from trust account
1998-6June 17/98Rule 19RE 1000 is prerequisite to Agent’s Licensing Program
1998-5June 17/98Rule 70(2)Assurance Fund – mortgage brokers & change in assessment
1998-2Feb 25/98Rule 69.1Approval of form – Declaration Respecting Absence of Trust Transactions Mortgage Broker Agents
1998-1Feb 25/98Rule 69.1Reporting requirements of mortgage broker agents
1997-8Oct 15/97Rule 54Deletion of clause that requires AREIX to advise RECA of contravention
1997-7July 16/97By law 3(2)Attendance of Council and Council Committee members at meetings
1997-6July 16/97Bylaw 30Outlines costs likely to be ordered by Hearing or Appeal Panels Provision to request security from a complainant in specific appeal circumstances
1997-5July 16/97Bylaws 2, 5, 13Appointments to Council and Council Committees will be effective Nov 1
Terms of Chair and Vice Chair will be effective Nov 1
1997-4July 16/97Rule 18Allow formal review mechanism for appeal of Executive Director’s decision to refuse salesperson’s authorization (previously limited to agents)
Restrict circumstances eligible for appeal of Executive Director’s decision to refuse authorization
Restrict right of appeal to the Hearing Panel only
1997-3July 16/97Rule 70, 71Fees
1997-2May 7/97Rule 69(1)Year end for mortgage brokers
1997-1May 7/97Rule 12Rule Deleted – Change in membership in partnership extinguishes licence held by the partnership
1996-23Dec 4/96Bylaws s.1 and ss.32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38Administrative penalties
1996-19Aug 21/96Rules 70(5)Change wording for section 29 to 34 (file an accounting)
1996-18Aug 21/96Rule 67(2)Form – Bond to be provided by mortgage agent applicant
1996-16Nov 25/97Rule 19(1)Companion policy to Policy on Continuing Education (Resolution 960015); courses to be approved by Executive Director
1996-15Aug 21/96Rule 19(1)Policy for continuing education requirements for the renewal of licences and registrations of real estate agents, designated representatives and salespersons (amended)
1996-14Aug 21/96Rule 19(1)Policy for education and examination requirements for registration as a real estate salesperson
1996-13Aug 21/96Rule 7(2)(a)(i)Change wording from or to and (exemption from examination for real estate agent applicant or designated representative applicant)
1996-12Aug 21/96Bylaws 8 and 9Participation in a meeting by means of conference telephone or other communications equipment
1996-11July 9/96Rule 65(3)(b)Form – Disclosure of Waiver to be made by a prospective lender or investor for exemption under Rule 65(20) of the Real Estate Act
1996-10July 9/96Rule 65(2)Form – Lender/Investor Disclosure Statement
1996-9July 9/96Rules 52(6) and 15(1)Alberta Real Estate Insurance Exchange (AREIX) agreement and insurance policy
1996-7July 9/96Rule 35Form – Declaration Respecting Absence of Trust Transactions to be filed by an agent who receives no money on account of others in the course of business
1996-6July 9/96Rule 34(5)Form – Table of Recommended Minimum Examination Guidelines to be followed by Accountant in preparation of the Accountant’s Report
1996-5Jul 9/96Rule 34(3)Form – Engagement Letter Between Account and Client pursuant to preparation of the Accountant’s Report
1996-4Jul 9/96Rule 34(1)Form – Accountant’s Report for the purpose of the agent’s accounting under Real Estate Act s. 25
1996-3Jul 9/96Rule 34(1)Form – Agent’s Representations to the Real Estate Council of Alberta for the purposes of the agent’s accounting under Real Estate Act s. 25
1996-2July 9/96Rules 7(3), 19(1)(c) and 15(1)Real Estate Salesperson Examination
1996-1July 9/96Rules 7(1), 19(1)Real Estate Agent Examination