For Licensees

RECA is the authority behind the residential real estate, commercial real estate, property management, condominium management, and mortgage brokerage industries. RECA helps licensees ensure they’re competent, ethical, professional, and valuable to consumers. It does this through education standards and licensing, information and regulatory compliance resources, as well as ongoing compliance initiatives.

Information Services

RECA’s information officers are available to answer licensee questions about rules, advertising, the residential measurement standard, consumer relationships, and so much more. Licensees can contact information services through

Registration Services

Registration services helps new and existing licensees to navigate:

  • the myRECA licensing system
  • licence eligibility, applications, and supporting documents
  • renewing their licence
  • brokerage licensing, as well as corporate structure or ownership changes

Contact registration services by email:

Credentialing Support

Learners who need assistance with technical difficulties, general content questions, arranging exams, and requesting extensions should contact

Professional Resources

RECA has extensive resources available on its website for licensees. Those resources include sample forms; written guides for advertising, the Residential Measurement Standard, transaction brokerage, designated agency, and complaints and investigations; checklists for property inspections, rural property inspections, residential measurement standard, and so much more.

RECA Industry Resources

Regulatory Compliance Advice

Regulatory Compliance Advisors have decades of experience as practicing members of the industry, and as industry regulators. They are here to provide brokers with guidance and advice on a number of regulatory compliance issues, on a without prejudice basis—your conversations with them are confidential and cannot be used against you.

Real estate and condominium management advice for brokers and delegates—Doug Dixon  |  403-685-7920

Mortgage brokerage advice for brokers and delegates—Gary Siegle  |  403-685-7925

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