Licensing Decisions

The Real Estate Act Rules set out the processes for the Registrar to:

  • determine whether a learner complied with the Education Code of Conduct for Learners
  • provide a prospective licensee with an opinion as to whether or not they are suitable for licensing before they enroll in and begin a RECA education program
  • review licence applications to determine if the applicant is of good character, that the issuance of a licence is in the public interest, and does not harm the integrity of the industry

To educate those interested in becoming a licensee, ensure transparency, and protect consumers, RECA provides summary results from files related to these processes.

For more information about the processes and remedies in place, review:

  • schedule 4 of the Real Estate Act Rules for the compliance process and remedies for the Education Code of Conduct for Learners
  • section 19 of the Real Estate Act Rules for suitability review information
  • section 34 of the Real Estate Act Rules for licence refusal information

Previous Decisions

May 2022 Licence Refusal – Applicant
May 2022 Licence Refusal – Applicant
April 2022 Licence Refusal – Applicant
March 2022 Licence Refusal – Applicant
November 2016 Suitability Review – JB
November 2016 Education Attainment Review – NC
November 2016 Suitability Review – CG
November 2016 Licence Refusal – RJ
November 2016 Suitability Review – MM

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