Anonymous Fraud Tip

Online form: Anonymously submit a fraud tip to RECA


RECA’s mandate includes protecting against, investigating, detecting, and suppressing mortgage fraud as it relates to the real estate and mortgage industries.

Consumers, licensees, or other third parties can anonymously provide RECA information about mortgage fraud. If you choose, you can attach your name to a complaint through the general online complaint form.

Additional information on Mortgage Fraud:

Licensees are also required to report all suspicious transactions to FINTRAC.

Is my anonymity guaranteed?

RECA cannot guarantee anonymity. Submission of information through this webpage does not track any personal information about the person who submitted it. That being said, anyone investigated as a result of the information submitted may speculate on who submitted it. Please note that a statement or supporting documents may also inadvertently disclose information about who submitted the information.

What information should you include?

Please provide detailed, specific information. At a minimum, you should include:

  • dates of when events took place
  • property addresses
  • names and contact information of any person involved.
  • a detailed description on all events related to the potential mortgage fraud
  • any relevant supporting documents or communications

What will RECA do with the information?

RECA will review the information and determine if:

  • we have authority to investigate the allegations
  • there are sufficient particulars of what happened
  • the allegations give rise to a breach of the Real Estate Act, Rules, Bylaws or Regulations

If the above criteria are met, RECA will open an investigation into the conduct of the industry licensee or persons engaging in activities that require a licence. As the person who submits the information is anonymous, they will not receive any status updates, notifications, or have any appeal rights concerning any investigative outcome.


These checklists are intended to facilitate discussions with the borrower in order to make them aware of, and to prevent, mortgage fraud. Please review the information with borrowers, using the checklist to document in writing when and with whom this discussion occurred.

Tip Sheets

Mortgage fraud is an industry-wide concern and can occur at any step of the mortgage transaction. As fraudsters continue to find ways to commit fraud throughout the process, licensees play a key role in identifying red flags.

These tip sheets are provided to help professionals identify the red flags related to the different types of business operations.

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