Pre-Licensing Education

Please note: RECA is in the process of divesting itself of all licensing education before December 1, 2022. Get the latest information on the divestment process. Until the divestment process is complete, all current pre-licensing requirements remain in effect.

Pre-licensing education

Pre-licensing education is a serious time and financial commitment.

Each industry has its own pre-licensing program you must complete before you can apply for a licence. Please review the initial eligibility requirements before you read further.

Real Estate and Property Management

The Real Estate Associates Program (REAP) consists of the Fundamentals of Real Estate course, and a series of practice courses, one for each of the four areas of practice, including property management.

REAP costs anywhere from $2,150 to $4,700 depending on the number of practice courses you take, and you must complete the program in 18 months.

Complete the free online Real Estate Career Information Session before considering a career in real estate or property management. It will outline what working as a professional is like to help you decide if enrolling in REAP is the right decision for you.

Mortgage Brokerage

The Mortgage Associates Program (MAP) consists of the Fundamentals of Mortgage Brokerage course and the Practice of Mortgage Brokerage course.

MAP costs $2,800 and you must complete the program within one year.

Practice Exams

RECA offers free practice exams for learners who have completed a pre-licensing course. Once you complete a course, you will see a Practice Exam link at the end of the course in the Moodle education platform. You may have to scroll to the bottom of the page. You can access the practice exam at any time from when you complete that course up until you pass the actual exam.

RECA practice exams give you the confidence to know you are ready for the real exam, and reflect the real exam experience. Practice exams are free for learners. Do not be misled by others offering practice exams. Using RECA practice exams means you are getting a practice exam from the actual exam provider.

If you’re interested in continuing, review the education eligibility process and the complete education and licensing process.

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