Strategic Direction

We work collaboratively to ensure that the public has every confidence in the tremendous value of Alberta’s real estate industry licensees.

The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) was established in 1996 under the Real Estate Act. is the regulatory body that sets standards and enforces the mandatory licensing of real estate brokerage, mortgage brokerage, condominium management, and property management in Alberta.

Our Mandate


  • protect consumers
  • protect against, investigate, detect, and suppress fraud as it relates to the business of licensees
  • set and enforce standards of conduct for licensees and the business of licensees to promote the integrity of, and confidence in, the industry
  • provide, or support the provision of, services that promote regulatory compliance by licensees

Our Mission

Serving the public interest by ensuring high standards of RECA’s licensees’ competence and conduct while supporting an informed real estate market.

RECA’s work takes planning, and is guided by a multi-year strategic plan and annual business plan. 

Through consultation with stakeholders, RECA’s Board identified three strategic themes that inform the 2022-25 Strategic Plan and 2022-23 Business Plan:

  • Regulatory Excellence: RECA is committed to accountability—demonstrating respect, results, and continuous improvement
  • Trust and Confidence: RECA will promote trust in our regulatory capability
  • Organizational Resilience: RECA promotes change while seeking to be a resilient and sustainable organization

The 2024 Business Plan and approved financial plan reflect the strategic framework identified through stakeholder consultations. Consumer protection is at the center of everything RECA does as we advance initiatives to deliver RECA’s mandate and achieve strategic goals.

Previous Business Plans

2022-2025 Strategic Plan

We work collaboratively to ensure that the public has every confidence in the tremendous value of Alberta’s real estate industry licensees.

RECA’s Board of Directors began work on the strategic planning process in 2021 to gather feedback from stakeholders regarding RECA’s future. Early in 2022, the Board and Industry Council members met to discuss stakeholder input and synthesized this feedback into broad strategic themes. In 2022, stakeholders were provided additional opportunities to provide their insights before the strategic plan was finalized.

The work that Service Alberta commenced four years ago to listen to stakeholders and create a new governance structure is foundational to RECA’s strategic direction. Strategic priorities in the next three years represent complex trade-offs with constrained resources.

RECA continues to work closely with Service Alberta to implement improvements and demonstrate effectiveness. RECA is also focused on building organizational capacity to develop agility that can respond to unknown future regulatory challenges.

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