Strategic Plan

RECA will undergo a Strategic Planning process in 2021 under the new governance model that came into effect on December 1, 2020. The information below relates to RECA’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, and does not reflect the current governance model.


The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) is the independent governing authority that sets, regulates, and enforces standards for real estate brokerage, mortgage brokerage, property management, and real estate appraisal professional practice in Alberta.

RECA’s Strategic Plan establishes the vision for RECA through its four critical success factors and key objectives. The strategic plan provides the guideposts for RECA over a four-year period commencing October 1, 2016 and ending September 30, 2020. The strategic plan is the “picture” describing what RECA wishes to achieve and how it will look four years from now.

The Business Plan is an internal document describing the blueprint for RECA to achieve its vision. It provides the strategies RECA will follow to achieve each objective and the actions RECA will take under each strategy. It also establishes the order of priorities and the schedule to complete each action item.

The Business Plan also focuses Council and staff on the big picture and recognizes governance practices, time, and resources must align with the strategies and actions. A financial plan must support this Business Plan through an annual budget process. While the Executive Director has primary responsibility for implementing the Business Plan, the successful implementation of the plan will require ongoing commitment, support, and collaboration between Council and staff.

We refer to all industry members as real estate professionals or practitioners.

You can also view our Strategic Plan in a print-friendly PDF.


RECA’s mandate is to protect consumers and to provide services that enhance and improve the real estate industry and the business of industry professionals.


RECA creates consumer trust and confidence in the real estate industry by:

  • setting and enforcing standards of conduct and professional development requirements for the industry to protect the consumer
  • providing services that enhance and improve the industry
  • promoting the integrity of the industry
  • protecting against, investigating, detecting and suppressing mortgage fraud as it relates to the industry


By 2020, the Real Estate Council of Alberta will:

  • set the foundation for real estate professionals to serve the public interest, protect consumers, and provide a positive real estate experience through effective establishment and enforcement of professional standards
  • be recognized as an independent, responsive, and impartial governing body
  • ensure real estate practitioners have a professional mindset and engage in the practice of self-regulation


Aware and informed consumers have trust and confidence in RECA

  • to provide timely and effective responses to their inquiries
  • to remedy and resolve issues

Outcome Measures

1.1 all Albertans who use the services of a real estate professional are aware of RECA’s consumer protection services and programs


Real Estate Professionals

Competent real estate professionals serve and protect the public interest by:

  • embracing and demonstrating a clear understanding of being a part of the real estate profession and an appreciation for self-regulation
  • adhering to clear professional standards
  • knowing and accessing RECA’s industry advisory services

Outcome Measures

2.1 all real estate professionals will demonstrate the knowledge of self- regulation, what it means to be a member of a professional body, describe RECA’s advisory services, and remain discipline free



Government, stakeholder associations, and industry colleagues will understand RECA promotes positive relations and is the open, transparent, responsive governing body for real estate professionals in Alberta

Outcome Measures

3.1 the government of Alberta reaffirms RECA’s authority to fulfill its mandate

3.2 all stakeholders understand and respect RECA’s role

3.3 all stakeholders acknowledge RECA has an effective stakeholder engagement policy that is inclusive of RECA staff and Council members



Maximize RECA’s capacity to achieve its 2020 Vision by establishing an appropriate regulatory framework of policies and procedures, a prudent financial plan, and develop both internal and external human resources.

Outcome Measures

4.1 provide the resources necessary to support RECA’s operations during the term of the strategic plan

4.2 every new and existing initiative will include an approved business case, communications plan, and key performance measures as part of the annual Business Plan and Budget

4.3 recruit and develop external volunteers to ensure RECA has the expertise and diversity to engage and provide self-regulatory support, encourage vigilance & reporting, and proactively identify or improve lagging professional practice across Alberta

4.4 establish clear and effective performance measures and a system to monitor outcomes for all of RECA’s service delivery areas

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