Self Regulation

The real estate, mortgage brokerage, property management, and real estate appraisal industries in Alberta are self-regulated.

The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) is the mechanism through which self-regulation occurs. It is the standards-setting body, and is responsible for governing and regulating the industry, and enforcing the standards. It takes the responsibility of self-regulation seriously, and considers it a privilege. RECA’s regulation of the industry is fair, open, and transparent, and ensures its consumer protection mandate is front and centre.

Council approved a formal Statement on Self-Regulation in 2012. This statement serves as the philosophical cornerstone for much of Council’s work.

RECA’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan reaffirms RECA’s focus on self-regulation with a commitment to the priorities that will help ensure licensed industry professionals embrace, and demonstrate an appreciation for self-regulation.

Self-Regulation in Action

The Council

Council is composed of 12 Council members, representing residential and commercial real estate, property management, mortgage brokers, real estate appraisers, and the public. The Council is responsible for administering the Real Estate Act on behalf of the Government of Alberta.

Industry Professionals

Real estate professionals and brokerages must ensure they have a professional mindset when delivering services to the public. They have the primary responsibility for effective self-regulation. Their standards of conduct and business practices collectively will determine the value and integrity of the industry. They are ultimately accountable for their conduct to clients, colleagues and the governing body. Industry professionals are responsible for knowing and abiding by the standards of practice, and for providing competent services to the public. They are expected to read communications from RECA and keep up to date on changes to the Real Estate Act, Rules and standards of practice published by RECA.

Enforcement Action      

RECA’s approach to compliance and enforcement of standards is consistent, proportionate, effective, transparent, and timely. Where appropriate, it focuses on providing information, advice, and suggestions that will lead to a change in future behaviour. That said, RECA will utilize the full range and level of sanctions available in its overall strategy to obtain industry compliance and consumer protection.

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