RECA Logo For Use In Advertising

Licensees may use RECA’s logo in their advertising, but must not include the logo in advertising that is harmful to the best interests of the public, the industry as a whole or RECA.

Downloadable Logos:

Two file formats available:
Download* the RECA logo .jpg
Download* the RECA logo .png

*If the file opens in your browser, simple right-click the image and click “save image as.”


If using the RECA logo in advertising, licensees must not:

  • alter the RECA logo (colour, skewed proportions, cropping, etc.) with the exception of using it in grey scale if including it in a grey scale advertisement, which is permitted
  • use the logo in a size or format that makes it illegible
  • affix anything to the RECA logo
  • include it in ads that imply RECA endorsement
  • include the logo to advertise an illegal activity

If RECA receives a complaint about a licensee improperly or inappropriately using the RECA logo, in a way that breaches these guidelines, it can review their conduct and can sanction in accordance with the Real Estate Act Rules.

Only licensees can use the RECA logo in their advertisements. If an unlicensed individual advertises services as a licensee and includes the RECA logo, this could be an aggravating factor in the case of an unlicensed activity investigation.

Information Bulletin: Using RECA’s Logo in Advertising

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