Alternative Complaint Resolution

RECA enforces the standards it sets through a transparent complaint handling and investigation process. It is committed to being consistent, proportionate, effective, transparent, and timely. As such, RECA is open to alternative complaint resolution outside of the formal complaint and disciplinary process.

Alternative Complaint Resolution (ACR) aims to resolve complaints involving minor issues while avoiding formal investigation outcomes. RECA may recommend ACR to complainants, when appropriate, as it may resolve their complaint quicker than a formal investigation. The complaint must be within RECA’s jurisdiction.

RECA may also recommend ACR to licensees when there is a no formal complaint but RECA has received information indicating a minor breach of the legislation.

The Voluntary Broker Resolution Process (VBRP) is an ACR initiative where brokers play a key role in resolving the complaint. A successful VBRP avoids a formal investigation process, and may resolve a complaint more quickly.

The Process

Guide to the Voluntary Broker Resolution Process for Brokers

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