Case Summaries

The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) is responsible for setting and enforcing the standards licensee must adhere to. Enforcing those standards may result in discipline or decisions against a licensee.

In the interest of transparency, RECA’s monthly Case Summaries publication contains summaries for all RECA disciplinary decisions since the previous newsletter, including any suspensions and approved lifetime withdrawals from the industry. Disciplinary decisions that have been withdrawn after the publication of the document may still appear.

Prior to January 24, 2018, RECA’s publication guidelines stipulated that disciplinary decisions remain on the RECA website for a period of two years. In October 2017, Council, as it existed prior to December 1, 2020, approved revised publication guidelines. Any disciplinary or enforcement action dated January 24, 2018 or later will now remain on RECA’s website indefinitely. Old RECA disciplinary decisions remain available at RECA’s office and through a “Request for License and Disciplinary History.”

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