Resolution 2000-2

Resolution 2000-2 of the Real Estate Council of Alberta

WHEREAS by Section 84(1) of the Real Estate Act, S.A. 1995, c. R-4.5 (the “Act”), the Real Estate Council of Alberta (the “Council”) has the power, duty and responsibility to amend or repeal bylaws and rules;


(1)  The Executive Director is authorized to revise all or any of the resolutions of the Council, without changing the substance of the resolution, in the circumstances described in paragraph (2) below.
(2)  The Executive Director is authorized to revise the resolutions of Council, when the purpose of the revision is to:

(a)    alter the citation or title of a resolution, preamble and the numbering and arrangement of its provisions, and adding, changing or omitting a note, heading, title, marginal note, diagram or example to a resolution;

(b) consolidate a resolution by incorporating all amendments to it into one resolution;

(c) combine two or more resolutions into one;

(d)  correct a clerical, grammatical and typographical error; and,

(e)  delete a provision of a resolution that is inoperative, obsolete, expired, spent or otherwise ineffective.

(3)   The Executive Director shall indicate on the revised resolution the date of the revision.

(4) Resolution revisions by the Executive Director are deemed to have been approved by Council as if all the requirements respecting the passing and approval of the resolutions for which the revised resolutions are substituted have been complied with.

(5)   All revisions shall be reported to Council at the first meeting following the revision.

DATED at Calgary, Alberta, this 9th day of February 2000.

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