Resolution 2008-1

Resolution 2008-1 of the Real Estate Council of Alberta


Section 12 of the Real Estate Act, confirms the Real Estate Council of Alberta (the “Council”) has the authority to make rules prescribing or adopting standards of conduct and business standards for industry members;
At its meeting on March 22, 2007 Council approved Resolution 2007-3 amending the

At a further meeting on February 13, 2008 Council passed a resolution to amend 1(1)(i.1) of the Rules to read as follows:

1(1)(i.1) “designated agency” means a relationship in which one or more industry members, licensed with the same brokerage, are designated in writing by the brokerage to act as sole agents for a buyer or a seller;

Dated at Calgary this 13 day of February 2008.

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