Resolution 2009-1

Resolution 2009-1 of the Real Estate Council of Alberta

At its meeting on February 4, 2009 Council approved the following resolution for the requirements of the Agreement on Internal Trade and the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement:

RECA will recognize applicants trading in real estate and dealing in mortgages from all Canadian jurisdictions that have occupational standards without additional requirements however, individuals would be required to sign a declaration that acknowledges their obligations to:

(a) know, understand and practice in strict accordance with the Real Estate Act of Alberta including the Regulations and Rules;
(b familiarize themselves with the laws of Alberta as they apply to the business of an industry member;
(c)only engage in work or provide services when they are competent to do so and
(d) abide by any restrictions or conditions that may be imposed upon the issuance of their licence (restrictions related to specific areas of practice or educational requirements addressing practice issues unique to Alberta).

DATED at Calgary, Alberta on this 4 day of February 2009.

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