Brokerage Amendments

Brokers must notify RECA when certain brokerage information changes. These changes are called brokerage amendments.

In some cases, the broker completes/reports the amendment through myRECA, and in others, the broker must contact RECA in writing by emailing All amendments, whether reported through myRECA or in writing, must be reported immediately and some require a fee of $350.

  • opening, closing or changing a trust account(s)—no fee
  • change in the brokerage’s contact information—no fee
  • change in the brokerage business address—report through myRECA, no fee
  • corporate structure change (additional supporting documents are required)—report through myRECA, brokerage amendment fee applies

Review the tutorial for completing Brokerage Amendments through myRECA.

Change of Broker notifications are initiated by the broker leaving the brokerage by emailing

A broker might not be able to continue to perform their duties and responsibilities as a broker because:

  • of injury, serious illness, or disease
  • the broker is subject to bankruptcy proceedings
  • the brokerage’s officers and directors prevent the broker from performing the broker’s responsibilities

The broker who is leaving the brokerage must provide: 

  1. Notice of Brokerage Amendment(s) form (sent by RECA)
  2. A signed, written letter of resignation or termination indicating they want to cancel their registration as broker, including effective date

If the broker is deceased, a director, officer, or shareholder of the corporation (if the brokerage is a corporation) or a partner of the partnership (if the brokerage is a partnership) may complete the Notice of Brokerage Amendment(s) form on behalf of the deceased broker.

The incoming broker must provide:

  1. A Change of Broker Application.
    NOTE: if they are the broker at another brokerage, they must advise RECA of the status of the brokerage they are leaving:

    1. If the brokerage they are leaving is closing, the broker must cease the brokerage through their myRECA account.
    2. If the brokerage they are leaving will continue to be licensed, a new broker must take their place before the Change of Broker amendment can be processed. This requires a separate Change of Broker amendment for the brokerage they are leaving.
  2. Additional documentation to support a “Yes” response to a suitability question (if applicable).
  3. A Broker Management Acknowledgement (real estate or mortgage) if the incoming broker owns 50% or less of the brokerage.
  4. A Continuing Guarantee or Irrevocable Letter of Credit if the incoming broker owns 50% or less of the brokerage.
  5. An original Certified Criminal Record Check (CCRC) if the broker has not been registered in Alberta within the past 12 months. Learn more about the CCRC requirements.
  6. RECA will also require the incoming broker’s licensing fee in addition to the amendment fee. Both must be paid through the brokerage’s myRECA account.

Brokerage Name Change notifications are initiated by the broker through email:

When a brokerage amends its registered corporate or trade name, the broker must provide:

  1. Notice of Brokerage Amendment(s) form
  2. In the case of a corporate name amendment, a copy of the certificate of amendment from Alberta Registries
  3. In the case of a trade name amendment, a copy of the proof of registration from Alberta Registries

If the new corporate or trade name includes a “.ca,” “.com” or other URL:

  • proof of domain name registration

Before registering a corporate or trade name for the brokerage with Alberta Registries, we recommend you search existing brokerage names using the Find a Professional tool on RECA’s website. All brokerage names must be sufficiently distinct from any other existing brokerage name.

Note: RECA does not permit brokerages to trade in a name that could be potentially misleading. Review RECA’s Brokerage Trade Name Policy for more information.

If a brokerage amends the partnership, the broker must email a letter summarizing the changes to

Depending on what has changed, RECA may require additional supporting documents:

  1. A Notice of Brokerage Amendment(s) form
  2. A copy of the amended partnership agreement
  3. A copy of the proof of filing of the partnership amendment from Alberta Registries
  4. A new Continuing Guarantee and Broker Management Acknowledgement (real estate or mortgage), if the partnership structure change removes the partner that previously provided these
  5. Partnership Summary

If a brokerage amends or will amend the corporation’s Alberta registration/corporate access number, brokers need to contact RECA by emailing for further direction.

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