Parking my Licence

Terminating, Parking, Re-instating, or Re-registering My Licence

Licensees can retain their licence eligibility for three years after cancelling their authorization. Learn how to cancel, park, re-instate, or re-register your authorization below.

Sometimes licensees want to terminate their licence, or a broker wishes to terminate a licensee from their brokerage.

Cancelling your own licence

Associates and associate brokers can terminate their licence with the Cancel button on the Licensing tab of their myRECA account. The cancellation takes effect as soon as the cancellation application is complete. Licensees have three years from the date of cancellation to reinstate their licence if they choose to do so.

Brokers cancelling a licensee’s licence

Brokers can cancel the licence of any of their associates or associate brokers through the My People section of the brokerage tab within myRECA.

When brokers cancel a licence, RECA requires them to report any misconduct relating to fraud, misrepresentation, deception, theft, or unlawful activities on the part of the associate/associate broker to the executive director.

View the tutorial for cancelling an associate or associate broker in myRECA

Sometimes licensees leave the industry for a while, but want to come back later. This is often called Parking a licence. There are many reasons licensees may decide to do this, including prolonged illness, taking full-time education, family obligations, or extended travel. No matter the reason, all licensees can take advantage of this option, if needed.

To park your licence, you can cancel your registration through the licensing tab within your myRECA account, you can ask your broker to cancel your registration, or you can wait for your registration to expire on September 30 of the current licensing year.

Regardless of how you cancel your registration, your licence with RECA remains valid for three years. You cannot work as an licensee during this time. You can apply to re-instate your registration when you’re ready at any time during this period.


When licensees cancel, or do not renew, and wish to come back in a different licensing year, it’s called reinstating your licence.

Reinstatement requirements:

  • If you missed any Re-licensing Education Program (REP) courses required for your industry sector while you were unlicensed, you must complete them before you can reinstate your registration. Log into myRECA to view your outstanding REP courses.
  • If you are unlicensed for more than one year, you must provide a new certified criminal record check (CCRC) to RECA before reinstatement. You can view the status of your CCRC by clicking on the Licensing Tab within myRECA and then proceeding to the Licence Eligibility page.
  • You must pay a reinstatement fee for the year in which you wish to reinstate.

Historical REP Requirements

Licensees MAY sometimes have to complete REP requirements from previous years if they have let their licence lapse and want to re-instate their authorization within the 3 year period their licence remains valid.

To find out which courses you must complete, if any, and to enrol in the courses, log in to myRECA.





When licensees cancel their licence, but decide to come back within the same licensing year, it’s called re-registering your licence.

Re-registration requirements:

  • After the three-year period expires, RECA will terminate your licence. You will have to complete the pre-licensing education program for your industry sector in order to apply for a new licence and registration.

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