Upgrading to Broker or Associate Broker

Becoming a Broker

Experience Requirement

New licensees cannot become brokers right away, unless they were licensed as such in a jurisdiction with which Alberta has licensing mobility. Licensees must have at least two years of industry experience within the last five years before upgrading.

Education Requirement

To become a broker in mortgage, you need to:

  • complete the Mortgage Brokers Program
  • obtain 70% or higher on the Mortgage Brokers Program final exam

To become a broker in real estate, including property management, you need to:

  • complete the Real Estate Brokers Program
  • obtain 70% or higher on the Real Estate Brokers Program final exam
  • be licensed in ALL real estate activities (residential, commercial, rural, and property management)

Every broker must have a brokerage. You can either open a new brokerage or take over an existing brokerage.

Becoming an associate broker (real estate, including property management, only)

An associate broker has all of the education required to become a broker, but is not in charge of their own brokerage. You do not need two years of industry experience to become a real estate associate broker.

If you have completed the Real Estate Brokers Course, your licence automatically changes from Associate to Associate Broker.

You can confirm your licence class within myRECA.


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