Real Estate Sectors

Real estate licensees in Alberta can work in four sectors:

residential—helping clients buy and sell residential properties (up to four individual units)
rural—helping clients buy and sell farms and ranches
commercial—helping clients buy, sell or lease office, industrial, retail or multi-residential properties (more than four individual units)
property management—leasing properties on behalf of an owner and dealing with tenants

Real estate brokers and associate brokers must complete all four sector courses.


Retaining, Adding, or Dropping Sectors

Retaining: To retain the ability to practice in their chosen sector(s), real estate licensees must complete any re-licensing education courses for the sector(s) when they become available.

Dropping: In years where there is a mandatory re-licensing course for a particular sector, real estate licensees can choose to remove that sector from their authorization by NOT completing the course. For example, if the re-licensing education course for a certain year pertains to commercial real estate and property management, professionals can drop those sectors by NOT completing the course, and confirming they are dropping those sectors when they complete their renewal application. However, if a broker or associate broker removes a sector, their licence class will change to associate.

Adding: If a real estate licensee wishes to add a sector, they must complete the corresponding practice course. When they complete this education and RECA receives their passing exam marks, that sector is automatically added to their licence.

If a real estate licensee removes a sector and then changes their mind, they can re-add the area of practice to their authorization within 3 years (as long as they complete all of the corresponding re-licensing education courses that they missed).

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