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Have You Renewed Your Real Estate Licence?


Every year over 15,000 professionals in Alberta’s real estate industry renew their licence with RECA.

Last week, 1,381 industry professionals successfully completed their renewal. Those industry professionals are now able to go about their day-to-day business activities without the stress and distraction of the September 30 deadline looming over them.

If you haven’t yet completed your renewal, we strongly recommend you do so now. Don’t risk your livelihood by leaving your renewal too late.

RECA’s call and email volumes skyrocket during the last few days of September and we aren’t always able to assist everyone. If you delay your renewal and an issue arises, you may find yourself unable to work on October 1.

Do you need to take a course?

Prior to renewing:

  • All real estate professionals must complete the Real Estate Update 2019 (All Professionals) course
  • Real estate brokers and associate brokers must also complete the Real Estate Update 2019 (Real Estate Brokers) course
  • Real estate professionals who want to keep their authorization to trade in commercial and/or property management must complete the Real Estate Update 2019 (Commercial/Property management) course*

*Real estate professionals who completed the Practice of Commercial Real Estate 2019 course that launched on May 1, 2019 are exempt from the Real Estate Update 2019 (Commercial/Property Management) renewal course.

For information about which courses you must complete and the status of each course, go to the “Licensing” tab in your myRECA account.

To enrol in a course, log in to your myRECA account and go to the “Education” tab. You’ll find the courses in the Course Catalogue. They may also be available in the classroom.

Steps to renew

  • before you renew, do you have any section 40 notifications to report to RECA? This includes discipline from other organizations, criminal charges or convictions, judgments, and bankruptcies. Report these to RECA before you begin to renew by clicking the “Notify the Executive Director” button in the “My Account” tab of your myRECA account. If you already reported the event(s) to RECA, you can proceed with your renewal
  • if you plan to transfer to another brokerage, complete your transfer before you renew. If you transfer after you renew but before October 1, the transfer cancels your renewal
  • when you are ready to renew, log in to your myRECA account
  • go to the Current Licences page under the “Licensing” tab
  • click the “Start Renewal” button
  • follow the steps and submit your renewal application to your broker through the system
  • when your broker acknowledges your application and pays the fee, you’re renewed
  • if your broker requires you to pay your own fee, they will send your application back to you, through the myRECA system for payment – and you will receive notification that it’s waiting for payment
  • you’ll know you’re renewed when the circle next to your licence turns green

Associate renewal tutorial

Professionals who want to pay by cash or cheque for their renewal fee must do so at the RECA offices no later than end of business on Thursday, September 26.