Condominium Board of Directors

Under the Condominium Property Act, the powers and duties of the condo corporation must be carried out by a board of directors (i.e., condo board), elected by the unit owners of the condominium. Condominium boards may enter into a service relationship with a condominium manager.

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Condo boards can choose to fulfill these duties themselves—self-manage—or they can hire a licensed condominium manager to manage the property on their behalf. Condominium management companies must be licensed under the Real Estate Act as a condominium manager brokerage and must be operated by a licensed condominium manager broker.

Regardless of whether a condo manager is hired to assist the condo board with their duties, the condo board must understand the role that the condo manager plays, the relationship between the condo board and condo manager, as well as the extent and significance of the contract with the condo manager.

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