Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate refers to any real property used, or intended to be used, to generate an income. It includes retail, office, industrial, investment, and institutional properties. Commercial real estate also includes residential properties with more than 4 residential units, as well as agricultural (or rural) properties that are used to generate income (i.e., working farms and ranches).

If you’re an entrepreneur or business manager looking to expand your business, you may be looking for a real estate licensee to help you buy, sell, rent, or lease commercial properties. But, not all real estate licensees are licensed to work in commercial real estate. Just as commercial real estate covers specific properties, commercial real estate licensees must have the specific education and licence to provide consumers with competent service.

Before hiring someone to help with your commercial real estate needs, check their licence using the Find a Licensee database:

  1. search by their name, brokerage name, or city
  2. find the licensee or brokerage in the list
  3. ensure the status is “Licensed,” then
  4. look for Comm.—or Rur. (Rural), if the property is for agribusiness—under Real Estate Sectors.

Looking for more detailed information? Check out the Information Bulletin: Trading in Commercial Real Estate

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