Condominium Bylaws

Condo corporations set, maintain, and enforce the bylaws that govern the corporation, the condo complex, unit owners, tenants, and other occupants.

Bylaws address matters including the election and functions of the condo board, how fees and other financial contributions are collected, and how rules are enforced. They also include rules governing day-to-day living in the condo. Examples of common bylaw areas include restrictions around pets, age of occupants, aesthetics, parking, and the use of common property.

Consumers thinking about buying a condo should first review the bylaws to make sure the bylaws suit their lifestyle.

The initial bylaws of a condo corporation are set in the regulations, on registration of the condominium plan. After this point, bylaws can only be amended, repealed, or replaced by special resolution of the condo corporation.

Enforcing the Bylaws

The condo corporation has the authority to enforce the bylaws through monetary or other sanctions. However, a sanction imposed must be reasonable in the circumstances related to the sanction.

Sanctions cannot exceed amounts laid out by the Condominium Property Regulations.

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