Real Estate Associate Brokers Must Take All 3 REP Courses To Maintain Their Licence Class Image

Real Estate Associate Brokers Must Take All 3 REP Courses To Maintain Their Licence Class


All real estate associate brokers must complete all three update courses in order to retain their associate broker licence class upon renewal. You must complete:

  • Real Estate Update 2019 (All Professionals)
  • Real Estate Update 2019 (Real Estate Brokers)
  • Real Estate Update 2019 (Commercial/Property management)*

Please note: if you complete Real Estate Update 2019 (All Professionals), but not the other two courses, you may still renew, but your licence class will revert to associate.

All professionals must renew on or before September 30, 2019. Associate brokers who have not yet completed the required education have just 11 days to do so.

To enrol in a course, log in to your myRECA account and go to the “Education” tab. You’ll find the courses in the Course Catalogue. They may also be available in the classroom.

*Real estate professionals who completed the Practice of Commercial Real Estate 2019 course that launched on May 1, 2019 are exempt from the Real Estate Update 2019 (Commercial/Property Management) renewal course.

Before you renew

Ensure you have communicated any section 40 notifications to RECA BEFORE you begin to renew. Simply click the “Notify the Executive Director” button in the “My Account” tab of your myRECA account. To enter any new changes.

If you plan to transfer to another brokerage before October 1, 2019, you must complete your transfer BEFORE you renew.

Steps to renew

  • log in to your myRECA account
  • go to the Licensing tab and select Current Licences
  • click the “Start Renewal” button
  • follow the steps and submit your renewal application to your broker through the system
  • if your broker requires you to pay your own fee, they will send your application back to you, through the myRECA system for payment—and you will receive notification that it’s waiting for payment

Your licence is renewed when your broker acknowledges your application and the fee has been paid. You can verify by checking for the green circle next to your licence in your myRECA account