Transferring between Brokerages

Brokers process associate and associate broker transfers through myRECA.

If an industry professional wishes to transfer to another brokerage, they must provide written notification to their current broker, and work with the potential brokerage to complete the application and submit the transfer fee.

The transfer process:

  1. The transferring individual will give their myRECA username to their new broker
  2. The new broker verifies that the individual gave written notification to the current broker of their intent to transfer
  3. The new broker begins a transfer application for the individual using their brokerage’s myRECA account
  4. The transferring individual completes their portion of the application in the My Applications section of their myRECA account
  5. The new broker accepts the application in myRECA, and pays the transfer fee or sends the application back to the transferring individual to pay the fee
  6. Once the fee is paid, the associate is officially transferred to the new brokerage
  7. The associate should check their licence status to ensure the transfer went through properly

Note: A broker cannot complete a transfer if the applicant answers ‘Yes’ to any of the suitability questions on the transfer application. If there is a “yes” answer, RECA staff have to review the application before granting registration. It will not happen immediately upon payment.

Review the tutorial on Transferring an Associate within myRECA.

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