Are you financially ready to buy a home? Image

Are you financially ready to buy a home?


You pre-qualified for a mortgage, you have a few bucks tucked away for a down payment, and you think you’re ready to start life as a homeowner. But are you?

Did you take property tax into consideration for your monthly budget? Home insurance premiums? Did you know you might have to pay thousands in extra costs when you take possession of your new home? Can you afford the ongoing maintenance costs that come with being a homeowner?

It’s important to take everything into consideration before you make the decision to buy. November is Financial Literacy Month and RECA is encouraging Albertans to go beyond the purchase price and ask themselves if they are financially ready to buy a home. RECA is the neutral source of independent real estate and mortgage information. Go to to learn more and follow #flm2016 to keep up-to-date with Financial Literacy Month events and resources across Canada.