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Engaging for Progress


At the Real Estate Council of Alberta, we have a vast and varied group of stakeholders. Each has their own interests, objectives, and backgrounds. One thing they share, however, is a commitment from RECA to engage with them transparently.

In October 2015, Council approved a formal Stakeholder Engagement Policy. The policy reaffirms and guides RECA’s engagement with all of our stakeholders, from the public, to licensed industry professionals, to the many associations and boards that are vital parts of Alberta’s real estate industry.

RECA places a strong emphasis on research and informed decision making. It’s important for us to gather feedback and input from our stakeholders. It is through these stakeholder engagement efforts that we can all work together for a continued strong industry and even greater consumer protection.

We want to engage openly with our stakeholders on matters that affect the regulation of Alberta’s industry professionals. This covers a range of topics from legislation and standards, to RECA’s strategic planning priorities and various consumer initiatives.

Want to stay in the loop on our various stakeholder engagement activities? We’ve also made that possible by posting a comprehensive list of our stakeholder engagement activities since October 1, 2014 on our website. We update it weekly to ensure our stakeholders know when, how and with whom we are engaging.

RECA doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to stakeholder engagement. We take our stakeholder relationships seriously and are willing to work with our different stakeholder groups in a variety of open and transparent ways on matters that pertain to Alberta’s real estate industry.

We appreciate feedback from our various stakeholders, and encourage you to share your comments and concerns with us at any time. Reach out to us by phone (403-228-2854, email, or through one of our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn).