Lessons Learned: Taking Advice From Sales Gurus Image

Lessons Learned: Taking Advice From Sales Gurus


If someone told you he or she could turn you into a multi-million dollar producing real estate professional just by adopting some “innovative” marketing techniques, would you do it? What if those marketing techniques amounted to little more than smoke and mirrors, bait and switch, or maybe illegal incentives?

The fact is, there are a number of real estate sales gurus who do exactly that – over and over again, with agents from across the continent at their one-day sales success, lead generation seminars. These sales gurus have hosted such seminars in Alberta in the past and these seminars continue across the country and in the U.S. Some Alberta real estate professionals may be considering making the trip.

Unfortunately, seminar attendees may not know that what they’re being taught is actually against the rules in the province in which they operate.

Seminar attendees are taught to place classified ads without their name or brokerage; they’re taught to offer incentives or guaranteed sales programs (without the knowledge of or approval of their brokerage); and, they’re taught to make consumers think they’re getting one service when they’re getting something else entirely.

That’s not to say everyone that bills themselves as a marketing or sales expert is going to lead you astray. But when you sit and listen to their techniques – think back to the standards in place in Alberta and consider whether their “innovative” techniques are appropriate. Don’t blindly follow because an expert said it was a good idea.