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Top Five RECA Education FAQs


Having the information you need and want at the tip of your fingertips is important. The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) staff answer upwards of 20,000 telephone calls and emails every year, and some questions get asked more frequently. As part of its desire to continually improve its service to industry professionals and consumers by making the information they need and want easily accessible, RECA will be publishing a series of FAQs from each of its departments.

Below are the top five frequently asked questions from industry professionals and consumers about RECA Education.

How do I become a real estate associate, property manager, mortgage associate or real estate appraiser?

All the information you need to know can be found within the Licensing and Renewals section of the RECA website.

Where do I find the eligibility information or enrollment link within RECA Education?

Go to the RECA website, click on “RECA Education” and from there, select the industry sector in which you’re interested. Once you’ve done that, you will see the links for eligibility and enrolment.

Will you accept a COPY of my transcript, diploma or education assessment?

No. We only accept transcripts and assessments sent directly from the issuing institution to RECA.

Do I have to have my transcript assessed?

If your education is from outside of Canada it must be assessed by a qualified assessment service. Please see for assessment options.

I submitted all of my eligibility documents over a year ago, do you still have them?

If applications for enrollment and supporting documentation have been pending for more than 6 months, we destroy them as per our privacy and retention policy.