Renewal FAQs: 2013 Edition – Part 1 Image

Renewal FAQs: 2013 Edition – Part 1


It’s renewal season once again, a period where RECA’s Consumer and Industry Services department receives thousands of call and emails. Below are six of the most commonly asked renewal questions (and the answers!).

1. I forgot my RECA ID and password. How can I retrieve it? 

If you are a broker candidate, you can retrieve your login information (including your RECA ID) by visiting RECA’s website at, and clicking on “Online Licensing.”  Click on the Login FAQ link at the top of the screen and follow the instructions.

2. Where can I obtain current renewal forms? 

Pre-populated 2013-2014 forms are available for brokers candidates to download in the main details screen on RECA Online. Blank 2013-2014 broker and associate/associate broker registration forms are available on RECA’s website on the Licensing and Registration Forms page.

3. Changes have been made to my brokerage information, can I renew now and send the changes to RECA later? 

No, you must complete brokerage amendments prior to renewing the brokerage licence. Please refer to the brokerage amendments page on the RECA website for further information.

4. I’m the broker, but I don’t have a controlling interest in the ownership of my brokerage. Am I able to complete the brokerage licence renewal application? 

No. The brokerage licence renewal application must be completed by the entity with the controlling interest in the brokerage (i.e. the entity who owns the majority of the brokerage). Once it has been completed, you, as broker, must complete the declaration and then process it online (provided there are no changes to the brokerage’s information AND there are no positive responses to the suitability questions).

5. Do I need to have my renewal application sworn before a Commissioner for Oaths?

No. The affidavit portion has been removed from renewal forms for the 2013-2014 licensing year in an effort to streamline the renewal process.

6. One of the industry professionals registered with my brokerage has a “YES” answer to one of the suitability questions, what do I do now? 

If one of the industry members has a “YES” answer, forward a sworn statement in the industry professional’s own words about the incident in question and supporting documentation to RECA, along with the completed application, for processing. Failure to provide these documents in advance of the September 30, 2013 renewal deadline could result in a lapse in the industry professional’s authorization to trade in real estate and deal in mortgage services, as the case may be. Documents may be submitted to RECA electronically provided they are sent from the broker’s or brokerage’s email address or fax number as noted in RECA Online.