Reducing Frequency, Building Value Image

Reducing Frequency, Building Value


For the past couple of years, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) has embraced social media as a means of communicating with its industry professionals, while recognizing that some people still prefer more traditional methods of communication.

The Regulator newsletter, which many would agree is a “traditional” way of communicating with industry members, has been RECA’s primary means of communicating important information for more than 15 years. Over the years the frequency of the newsletter has changed, ranging from distribution only three or four times a year to distribution on a monthly basis, and the medium has changed greatly too. What was once a paper newsletter sent via snail mail to all brokerages changed to an electronic PDF publication in 2006, and then again to a Flash-based “Flip” online newsletter in November 2009.

RECA believes the time has come again to revisit the distribution frequency of the Regulator.

With more information being communicated on our social media platforms, the continued use of RECA News emails on an ad hoc basis, and tools such as RECABlog, Facebook, and Twitter, information is being communicated to the industry immediately, without having to wait until the next regularly scheduled newsletter distribution.

Going forward, the Regulator will be distributed in the week following each regular meeting of Council. Regular meetings of Council are held in January, April, July and October. This will make for a more timely report of Council activities, reports from Committees, and significant policy decisions. The Regulator will also continue to contain practice tips, new or noteworthy Information Bulletins, event and consultation announcements, and other information we feel will benefit our industry professionals the most.

We know you get a lot of email—and there are many demands made of your time. We hope that in reducing the frequency of the Regulator, more of our industry professionals will find the time to review this important publication.

As always RECA is open to hearing from professionals about the type of information or articles they want to see written and included in the Regulator. What information do you want in the Regulator newsletter?