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Adults Only!


The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) has licensed the domain, but don’t get too excited that it’s changing its operational focus any time soon.

Much like some large corporations, including CocaCola and Sony, museums and some institutes of higher learning, RECA has realized that licensing the domain name will prevent pornographers from setting up shop on a www.RECA.XXX site.

RECA has no intention of doing anything with the XXX site, but ensuring it remains in RECA’s control for the foreseeable future is an important part of upholding the integrity of RECA and Alberta’s real estate industry in general. With such a significant amount of business and communication taking place online now, upholding RECA’s online image is integral.

The additional benefit of licensing the RECA.XXX domain is that when someone is searching for the legitimate website, there is no possibility of that individual ending up on a that has been licensed by someone else. Internet searchers wanting to access the legitimate Real Estate Council of Alberta website will be directed to the correct website.

If you have a personal website, have you considered licensing the XXX domain version of it for safe-keeping?