June 25, 2020 – Orca Pacific Alliance Mortgage & Refinancing Services Ltd. Brokerage Licence Suspended

Calgary, Alberta – June 25, 2020, the RECA executive director suspended the brokerage licence of Orca Pacific Alliance Mortgage & Refinancing Services Ltd.

Under Section 35(2)(b) of the Real Estate Act Rules, the executive director may suspend the licence of a brokerage if the executive director receives information that indicates the individual who is registered as the broker has resigned or ceased to be the broker.

All active deals in mortgages involving this brokerage are affected. Brokerages or consumers who have pending mortgage deals with this brokerage should consider amending their agreements, reaching out to other brokerages, or if possible, contacting their lenders.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this suspension, please contact RECA at: 403-228-2954, or by email at: info@reca.ca.

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