January 22, 2020 – Trevor William Fenn: Lifetime Withdrawal from Industry

Calgary, Alberta – On January 22, 2020, Trevor William Fenn, previously a real estate and mortgage associate in Calgary, applied to permanently withdraw from industry membership.

At the time of his application, Mr. Fenn was the subject of an investigation under the Real Estate Act. The issues under investigation were whether Mr. Fenn:

  • participated in fraudulent or unlawful activities in connection with the provision of services or in any dealings
  • used confidential information obtained from other person(s) for personal gain
  • made representations or carried on conduct that was reckless or intentional and that misled or deceived any person or is likely to do so
  • engaged in conduct that undermined public confidence in the industry, harmed the integrity of the industry, or brought the industry into disrepute; and
  • failed to fulfil his fiduciary obligations to his clients

At the time of Mr. Fenn’s withdrawal from industry, the investigation was not complete and there had been no disciplinary hearing, admissions, or findings of fact.

The Real Estate Council of Alberta approved Mr. Fenn application to withdraw, and this results in a voluntary lifetime prohibition from industry membership; conduct proceedings are now discontinued.

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