June 7, 2017 – RECA Launches Real Estate Update 2017

The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) has launched Real Estate Update 2017 (Residential/Rural) as the Re-Licensing Education Program (REP) course for those authorized to trade in residential or rural real estate, as well as those authorized as associate brokers or brokers.

If this applies to you, you must complete this course prior to September 30, 2017 in order to meet the education requirement for re-licensing in these areas of real estate practice or in these classes of licence.

The course is about the Residential Measurement Standard (RMS) and includes:

  • how to explain the RMS and its implications to clients
  • how to deal with situations where other measurement standards have been used
  • videos on how to apply the RMS in practice
  • an explanation of the enforcement process
  • an explanation of the RMS from a civil liability perspective
  • answers to frequently asked questions and unusual situations

The course also provides engaging and practical activities related to property measurement. In addition, it has helpful Industry Tools such as tip sheets, checklists, and worksheets.

The estimated time to complete the course is about five hours. The course is divided into six sessions, which enables you to complete it in segments. You can complete it online at no cost using a computer or a mobile device. The course is available online through your myRECA account under Education/Course Catalogue. Review the online material, view the videos, and complete the activities. Your education profile in myRECA will automatically be updated once you complete the course.

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