February 27, 2017 – Openness and Transparency Consultation

The Real Estate Council of Alberta isn’t immune to calls from the public, government, media, and industry members to be more open and transparent with its stakeholders. In July 2015, Council began exploring openness and transparency as broad concepts, and more narrowly, specific ways that RECA could enhance its openness and transparency. Like so many other bodies working in the public interest, there are always concerns that we don’t disclose enough. On the other side of the coin, industry professionals sometimes express concern that we share too much, particularly about disciplinary action.

Council, through its Governance Committee, undertook significant research—including surveys with other regulatory bodies and extensive literature review on those concepts.

That research has culminated in a consultation paper on the important concepts of openness and transparency. This consultation paper is an opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback on a number of proposals Council is considering. The proposals are divided into four areas:

  1. Council Proceedings (Meetings)
  2. Council Meeting Decisions
  3. Annual Meetings
  4. Disciplinary Proceedings

Remembering that regulating in the public interest and consumer protection is at the core of RECA’s work, it’s necessary to view these proposals within that context.

Download the complete consultation paper, including background on these concepts and results from the research Council undertook.

This consultation is now closed.

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