July 5, 2017 – Batool Ahmadi – Real Estate Licence Suspended

Calgary, Alberta – On July 5, 2017, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) suspended Batool Ahmadi, a real estate associate broker. RECA determined it is in the public interest to temporarily suspend Ms. Ahmadi. The suspension will continue until the conclusion of RECA disciplinary proceedings against her.

Allegations against Ms. Ahmadi include:

  • Failed to disclose a conflict of interest and acted as an agent for both the buyers and the sellers in a real estate transaction
  • Failed to obtain written and informed consent prior to providing service to a client in a trade in which she would have a conflict of interest
  • Recklessly and intentionally misled buyers and sellers regarding deposits and handling of trust funds when she failed to establish written trust terms for the receipt, holding and use of funds prior to receiving money
  • Failed to provide the broker with all original documentation in a timely manner and failure to inform the broker of a trade in real estate
  • Participated in fraudulent activity in connection to her services when she offered to buy the property herself and transfer it into the name of the buyers at a later date in one transaction, and when she created a company to hold deposit money in another transaction
  • Failed to act honestly
  • Failed to enter into a written service agreement with the buyers
  • Failed to cooperate with investigators
  • Acted as a mortgage broker despite not being licensed or authorized to do so
  • Failed to record the offer or present the offer to purchase to the sellers

As a result of this suspension, Batool Ahmadi may not trade in real estate in Alberta.

The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) is an independent, non-government agency, responsible for governing real estate, mortgage broker, property management, and real estate appraisal industry professionals under Alberta’s Real Estate Act. RECA’s mandate is to protect consumers and to provide services that enhance and improve the industry and the business of industry professionals.

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