Beware: Property Management Scam In Circulation Image

Beware: Property Management Scam In Circulation


The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) is warning property management brokerages about a fraudulent email circulating to tenants. It claims the payment information for their monthly rent payment has changed and lists false information on where future payments should be sent via e-transfer. It also directs recipients to a falsified email address for any questions or concerns.


Please advise your tenants that this scam is in circulation and that any changes in rent payment information should always be confirmed by your brokerage before being processed. If you or your tenants are sent this email, protect yourselves and contact police on the non-emergency line for your municipality. Please do not contact the fraudsters directly.

Scam Details
Fraudulent email listed for e-transfer:

Fraudulent email listed for questions: 

If you have questions regarding this scam or any suspicious property management activity, please contact