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Education Divestment Update


June 1, 2022 is the education divestment date set by RECA’s Board of Directors. This date was chosen after consultation with Industry Councils and is well ahead of the December 1, 2022 legislated date for education divestment.

To date, RECA Industry Councils have officially recognized nine third-party course providers.

Recognized Courses from Third-Party Providers

Beginning today, the Fundamentals of Real Estate course and the Practice of Residential Real Estate will cease to be offered by RECA and will instead be offered by a third-party course provider. All three of the condominium management pre-licensing education courses are currently being offered by several recognized third-party course providers. All recognized courses offered by third parties are listed on This list will be updated as the Industry Councils recognize more courses.

For courses without recognized third-party course providers, RECA will extend enrolment in its existing courses until June 30th, 2022, at which point the availability of third-party courses will be re-assessed for further extension. RECA has a legislated deadline to completely divest from offering licensing courses by November 30, 2022.

Current course providers and courses can be found on Stakeholders will be notified by RECA as additional courses are recognized by the Board and Industry Councils

New Licensees

If you are seeking to become licensed as a new RECA licensee in any sector, you will first need to complete the eligibility process, then determine if a RECA or third-party course provider is available. For some courses, there may be multiple third-party course provider options available, in which case learners are encouraged to carefully choose a course provider which is well-matched to their learning needs.

Course Completion

Learners enrolled in RECA courses with an enrolment date after September 28, 2021, will have 6 months to complete their RECA pre-licensing course and pass their respective exam. 

Those who enrolled in their licensing education programs before September 28, 2021, and have yet to complete their program, have the full 18 months from the date of their enrolment to complete the RECA courses.


RECA remains committed to facilitating a greater choice in education while maintaining quality and high standards and will continue to offer exams for learners for all courses. Once third-party course providers report to RECA that a learner has completed a course, learners will have three months to complete their pre-licensing exam(s).

Learners can also purchase practice exams from RECA once they complete third-party provider courses. Practice exams are done on the same platform as the actual exams, and will allow learners to ensure they are familiar with the exam format.

If you have any questions about pre-licensing education or exams or becoming a recognized course provider, please contact