The Results are In! Communications Survey Feedback Image

The Results are In! Communications Survey Feedback


As the regulator of the real estate industry in Alberta, it is important that we keep industry professionals as up-to-date as possible on issues and decisions that impact professionals as well as members of the public.

The RECA Communications team works hard to ensure that you are receiving the information you need in a timely, organized manner. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t improve. So, we recently sent out a survey to find out what you, our professionals and our audience, think about the communications you receive from us.

In a little over two weeks, 745 people provided their opinions on RECA communications. Sixhundred-eighty-seven of whom are currently licensed to practice in real estate, mortgage brokering, or real estate appraising in Alberta.

Here’s what your feedback revealed:

  • You prefer to receive updates in email newsletters
  • An overwhelming majority feel the frequency of communications you receive from RECA is “just the right amount”
  • 95% find the Regulator useful, with the practice tips and legislation updates being the most popular topics
  • 95% also find the Case Summaries useful for learning what not to do

Unsurprisingly, you rated both the Regulator and the Case Summaries within the top three of RECA’s communications tools, with RECA’s website being rated as the overall favourite.

Even though you rated as our best communications tool, you also let us know that it could be easier to search and navigate, and that an archive of RECA News would be helpful.

RECA is committed to improving its communications. Based on your input, the RECA Communications team will be working to enhance how we connect with you and best share the information you said is important to you.