To Our Industry’s Unsung Professionals: Thank You Image

To Our Industry’s Unsung Professionals: Thank You


A few weeks ago, we circulated a communications survey to all licensees. We genuinely want to know how industry members feel about RECA communications, what we could be doing differently, what we should keep the same, and whether we’re providing the information industry members want.

We’re still analyzing the responses, but I’m writing this blog today to address one common thread that has already come through the responses. Industry members told us they don’t think we have enough good news stories to tell; I hope today’s blog post will do a small part towards changing that.

The fact is, RECA doesn’t typically receive calls from consumers who want to tell us what a great experience they’ve had with their appraiser, or their mortgage broker, or their agent as they sold their home. Even without those calls, though, we know they’re out there. We know the overwhelming majority of licensees give consumers those positive experiences every. Single. Day.

I want to share my positive story—just recently, I sold my home. And to say that it was not a seamless process is an understatement, but it had nothing to do with the work of my agent or the buyer’s agent—in fact, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to both of those individuals, for persevering through some obstacles to get the deal done. They believed the deal was in the best interests of their clients, and they worked to ensure it went forward.

They kept their clients’ needs before their own.

They were timely.

They communicated with each other, and with their clients.

But more than that, they were professional.

Real estate deals don’t need to be adversarial. My agent, along with the buyer’s agent, showed exactly how deals can and should go when people are working together professionally. Poor behaviour on either of their parts could have sent the deal sideways in an instant, but both were steadfast in their desire to get the deal done, even with extra work. Sure, ultimately, both agents were looking out for their clients, but even with that at the core of their work, they had to work with each other, with the other side, to get the deal done. It’s possible to look out for your clients’ needs WHILE still being professional and cooperative with the parties on the other side of the transaction.

Specifically, I want to thank the two agents involved in my recent transaction (you know who you are!)—but also all of the licensees out there who create an environment for a positive real estate experience.