When No One is Watching Image

When No One is Watching


How do you feel when strangers are in your home? Do you feel exposed? Are you embarrassed by that old striped couch you haven’t had time to get rid of? Do you wish you had repainted the hot pink bathroom?

There is a good chance the sellers of a home you’re showing to your buyer clients feel just as exposed as you would in the same situation.

Sellers know their real estate representative will look after their best interests when it comes to the privacy, care, and control of their property, but what about when you’re viewing a home with your buyer client without the seller or seller’s representative present? The seller isn’t your client, but as a real estate professional, you still have an obligation to be professional when dealing with the sellers’ property.

There isn’t an exhaustive list of responsibilities and prohibitions when you’re in a seller’s home – just use common sense.

For instance, you and your buyer clients cannot take pictures of the inside of the property without the owner’s permission. If the buyer wants to take a picture to show family or friends, reach out to the seller’s representative and ask for permission. With the speed of technology and communication today, there is no excuse not to take this step. In the same vein, it is inappropriate to post a picture from inside someone’s home without their permission.

Industry professionals need to use sound judgment and hold themselves to a high standard of professionalism.

If you and your buyer clients treat a seller’s home as if the seller is there with you, you should be fine.