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Real Estate and the Emerald Isle


It’s that one day of year where more and more people claim to be a little bit Irish. Impress your friends with some lesser-known facts about real estate in Ireland and Ireland in general.

  1. Over one-third of all the houses now standing in Ireland were built in the last nine years.
  2. Ireland’s Property Price Register shows that 42,484 houses were sold in 2014.
  3. In 2014, almost half of house sales were paid in cash.
  4. The average house price in Dublin is now over €300,000, while the average worker earns only €27,000.
  5. The standard commission in cities is 1.5–2.0%, while in small towns and rural areas commissions are 2–3%.

Other facts about Ireland:

  1. Ireland’s population—4.72 million in 2012—is still not as high as it was in 1841 at the beginning of the potato famine (6.53 million).
  2. Currently, there are 8 times as many people who speak Polish in Ireland as people who speak Gaelic.
  3. 25% of Europe’s computers are now made in Ireland.
  4. The Irish consumer drinks an average of 131.1 liters of beer per year—the 2nd highest per-capita consumption, after the Czech Republic.

(sources: various websites, which we hope are accurate!)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!