Brokers: Leading by Example Image

Brokers: Leading by Example


Licensed real estate and mortgage brokerage professionals either are brokers or they work for a broker, so they should all have a fairly good idea of what being a broker entails and what broker accountability means.

While all individual industry professionals are expected to be responsible for their own actions and help raise professionalism, brokers are held to an even higher standard when it comes to accountability.

Did you know that when the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) begins a professional conduct review of an associate or associate broker as the result of a complaint, it will often review the actions of that individual’s broker too?

A broker can be held accountable for the conduct of industry professionals and employees if the broker, for any reason, has not adequately fulfilled their responsibilities, or has not taken reasonable steps when faced with professional misconduct.

If, on the other hand during a professional conduct review, a broker demonstrates that he or she took reasonable steps to deal with an associate’s (or associate broker’s) misconduct, and the associate has willingly complied with their broker’s requirements, it can be a significant mitigating factor when RECA is assessing an appropriate sanction.

Thankfully, in a lot of recent conduct review files – RECA is finding that brokers are getting it; they understand the role they play in the industry and they’re fulfilling their broker responsibilities.

On a recent professional conduct review file, RECA actually had occasion to send the broker a letter after the fact – to compliment the broker on the steps he took to deal with misconduct by an industry professional registered with his brokerage.

It’s a great example of the many strong brokers within our industry; and could serve as a reminder for everyone else that being a broker is more than just filling seats in the brokerage. Ask yourself if you’re accountable. Say thank you to your broker for providing clear policies and procedures, and being actively engaged in the management and supervision of brokerage activities.