Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Advertising on Vehicles Image

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Advertising on Vehicles


It’s not uncommon for those in the real estate and mortgage sectors to look for a competitive advantage when it comes to advertising. One of the fastest growing forms of advertising for industry professionals is to turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard.

Car signage has become an extremely popular and relatively cheap option for promotion. However, industry members are encouraged to remember that any kind of car signage must comply with the Real Estate Council of Alberta’s (RECA) Advertising Guidelines.

This means that details that have to be present on print ads must be present on cars also.

Some examples could include not having the brokerage name clearly indicated, not having the industry professional’s full name completely visible, or making statements that can’t be quantified, such as, “Number 1 Agent,” in bright lettering on the hood.

RECA fully endorsees the innovations in advertising that industry professionals discover, but it is important to always consult the Advertising Guidelines, no matter what the medium, when they decide to advertise in a way that may stray from the norm.

What relatively new types of ads have you come across lately?