Communications Survey Wrap-Up Image

Communications Survey Wrap-Up


In late June, Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) Communications staff distributed  a Communications Survey to all industry professionals in Alberta. More than 1,000 industry professionals responded to the survey. RECA would like to thank those who participated in the survey, and appreciates all of the feedback and suggestions.

The vast majority of respondents were satisfied with the type and amount of communications they receive from RECA, and most had a very positive experience with the RECA website. Analysis is ongoing, but some of the more common suggestions that have emerged include:

  • Develop an easier to use search function on the website
  • Give commonly used areas of website a more prominent location
  • Create mobile-friendly newsletters
  • Communicate more practice tips and information on how legislation affects day-day business
  • Use communications to focus on positive stories about industry professionals
  • RECA is considering a number of the suggestions that were put forward by industry professionals.

Even if you missed the survey, RECA Communications staff always welcome your suggestions. Feel free to send us an email at We continually look for ways to improve our work while building consumer trust and confidence in the industry.