Numbers Show A Career in Real Estate Remains an Attractive Option Image

Numbers Show A Career in Real Estate Remains an Attractive Option


A career in real estate in Alberta remains an attractive option for thousands of people in the province.

From its launch in September 2011 to the beginning of May 2013, RECA’s Introduction to a Career in Real Estate Information Session has drawn nearly 37,000 unique visitors to its web page. Of those 37,000, just over 5,000 completed the session in its entirety.

In order to be eligible to take the Fundamentals of Real Estate, the first course in the Real Estate Associates Program (REAP), learners must first complete the Information Session. If an individual is seriously considering pursuing a career in real estate, and wants to complete REAP, they need to submit their personal information upon completion of the Introduction Session.

Of course, not all 5,000 individuals who completed the Introduction Session will go on to complete the REAP program and become authorized real estate professionals, but even if half did, that would be 2,500 new professionals in an industry sector that has hovered around 11,000 professionals over the past decade. With many baby boomers considering retiring in the next few years, it appears there will be new industry professionals ready to take their place.