RECA Creates New Legal Advisors Group Image

RECA Creates New Legal Advisors Group


The real estate industry is all about relationships. Cultivating good relationships with other industry professionals and related stakeholders is an important part of ensuring continued success – and a strong reputation – for the industry.

Real estate lawyers are in a unique position relative to authorized real estate and mortgage brokerage licensees in Alberta in that they work with them, day in and day out. The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) recognizes this segment of the legal profession as an important source of expert knowledge – but one that had, for the most part, been untapped by RECA.

Now, though, RECA is excited to announce the creation of a new working committee of Alberta lawyers practicing in real estate law.

Participants include lawyers Jeff KahaneLaurie KiedrowskiLou Pesta and Ron Thibeault, and meetings are chaired by RECA’s General Counsel, Jean Flanagan.

The mandate of the new working group is to share legal opinions, and discuss and propose solutions to legal issues arising from real estate professionals’ practice. The group met for the first time earlier this year and will continue to meet every few months. The group’s creation will serve as a channel for communication between RECA and the Alberta legal community, particularly as it relates to:

  • Recent Canadian Court cases
  • RECA information bulletins
  • Real Estate Act, Rules and Regulations and interpretative materials for potential enhancement
  • Emerging legal issues and trends affecting industry professionals, consumers and RECA

At one recent meeting, there was extensive discussion about a court case in which an industry professional, selling her own condo privately, was found to have misrepresented a special assessment while acting in her professional capacity; property defects or stigmatization; electronic agreements and the purpose of “last to sign” in a real estate offer to purchase.

RECA wants to thank Jeff, Laurie, Lou and Ron for contributing their valuable time, knowledge and skill to the work of this group.