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Why Are You Here?


A couple of months ago we wrote a blog entitled “Why We Do What We Do?” It examined why the Real Estate Council of Alberta does what it does. But as a member of Alberta’s real estate or mortgage brokerage industry why do you do what you do?

Just last week, someone shared with me the story of a conversation John F. Kennedy had with a NASA janitor in 1960.

That conversation went something like this:

JFK, upon seeing a janitor carrying a broom at the NASA space center, said to him: “Hi, I’m Jack Kennedy. What are you doing?”

To which the janitor responded, “I’m helping to put a man on the moon, Mr. President.”

That janitor recognized that any contribution he made to the NASA community contributed to success in space. He recognized himself as a member of a team with a greater purpose than any single work task he had.

As a professional within Alberta’s real estate and mortgage brokerage industries, you help people buy and sell homes. You feel immense satisfaction when someone signs back an accepted offer or enters into a mortgage commitment for their first home; but what about those days when you are merely one of thousands of industry professionals?

What things do you do that contribute to the professionalism of the industry and help raise its level of esteem in the public consciousness? As an Alberta real estate or mortgage brokerage licensee, beyond earning a living, why do you do what you do?