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The Leadership of Brokers


Last year, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) received more than 26,000 inquiries by phone or email, and in the first half of this fiscal year, RECA has already received more than 14,000 inquiries, which works out to more than 100 inquiries per business day. Half of these inquiries are from associate brokers and associates who may not realize they have access to another highly trained and experienced source for the answers to their questions: their broker.

  • Brokers and broker delegates have additional education and experience that positions them as leaders within the brokerage.
  • Brokers and broker delegates are accountable for the conduct of all associates, associate brokers and other employees of the brokerage, and should be your primary contact if you have questions or need clarification on a particular issue with regard to licensing, practice and legislation in Alberta.
  • Brokers and broker delegates are required to provide all industry professionals within the brokerage and other personnel with written policies and procedures by which they are expected to operate. As each brokerage will have variations in how it operates, it is important that associates and associate brokers use their own broker as a resource when they have questions as their own broker is best able to answer questions about a particular area of concern within a brokerage.
  • Brokers and broker delegates are responsible for renewing associate and associate broker registrations every year using the RECA Online system. Since the renewal period is by far the busiest at RECA, it is far more efficient for RECA staff to respond to inquiries from 1,500 brokers than to respond to more than 15,000 individual industry professionals. Your broker should be able to clarify any problems or concerns you may be having during the renewal period.

Knowledgeable, experienced, well-educated brokers are an important part of the brokerage system in Alberta. They are leaders and remain the best resource for associate brokers and associates with questions.